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njess.cn The tugboat is mainly used as the auxiliary vessel for general cargo barge which transport the steel plates, pipes, wood, coal, rubble, stone, sand, etc., in southeast Asia, middle east, and as the auxiliary vessel for deepwater drilling oil field in Asia. We start to build this kind of vessel from the second half of 2002 and we delivered successfully to the owner from Singapore one tugboat in March, 2003 which was used for transporting coal in Indonesia. Tugboat is the smallest vessel among the powerboat. However, it does not mean that it is easy to build, especially that the towing equipment and the life saving appliance, etc. are complex than the ones on cargo boat. This tugboat is the father of powerboat built in our shipyard and it has won good reputation for Nanjing East Star in southeast Asia. And shipowners become familiar with our shipyard step by step. We have delivered 12 tugboats in six years and we also have 3 tugboat under construction which will be used as auxiliary vessel for iron mine the in Australia. We have become the main supplier of tugboat in China. Building of tugboat has made good foundation for building the special purpose barge.